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Tented Events

5 Most Common Mistakes Made at Tented Events

Outdoor events have become synonymous with party tents, but not everyone understands just what it takes to successfully plan and organize a tented event. Organizing an outdoor event, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, graduation party, etc., is no piece of cake because you essentially have to create your own venue including lighting, flooring, décor, and more.

Especially for people with little to no experience with party rentals and organizing outdoor events, it can be a confusing and taxing task. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that people make while organizing a tented event. Make sure you avoid them all.

  • Miscalculating the size of the tent

A party tent is a must for any outdoor event. You never what the weather is going to be like or what insects you need to keep out. Besides, having a tent completes the event. A common mistake made is miscalculating the size of the tent in relation to the number of guests. Often times, the tent is too small to freely accommodate all the guests, which dampens the spirit of the event. Make sure to ask your vendor the correct tent size you will need.

  • Choosing the wrong tent for the weather

If you are organizing an outdoor event, it is crucial that you choose the right tent for the weather. Today, there are many kinds of tents available such as canopy tents and tents with sides, and tents can even be accompanied by fans, air-conditioning units or heaters, depending on the weather. If you choose a closed tent and don’t provide AC or fans while the weather is hot and humid, it won’t work very well.

  • Not having an open bar

One of the worst mistakes you can make at any event, especially at a wedding, is making the guests pay for their own drinks. Make sure you have an open bar, and even if budget is a concern, you can provide a limited variety of drinks such, providing wine and beer. Your guests will be more than happy as long as they don’t have to pay.

  • Not considering flooring options

Flooring is an important part of an outdoor event. Where there is a party tent, it’s always better to consider flooring options as well. Simply relying on the natural ground is often a bad idea. Not only are guests likely to get their shoes muddy or grassy, it can dirty up the place real fast.

  • Renting from different vendors

Renting from different party rentals is a bad idea because scheduling delivery on the day of the event can be quite a task. Instead, rent from one vendor for a seamless delivery and set-up.

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