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Tent Lighting

Using Fabric Innovatively for Lighting Options

Tented and outdoor events give you the opportunity to play around with a lot of décor elements. Most outdoor venues have minimum décor, which gives you a free hand in creating a custom look for your outdoor event. A big part of décor is lighting, and you can get really innovative when looking at lighting options for outdoor event tents and use fabric innovatively to create wonderful lighting solutions.

Interesting ideas for outdoor tent lighting using fabric

  • Use existing drapes to conceal and soften lighting: Event tents usually have a lot of drapes around the venue. If you want to have soft lighting at your venue and ensure there is no direct lighting to disturb your guests, you can use drapes to conceal your lighting, use light colored drapes so they only soften the light without blocking too much light, so you have enough light at the venue.

  • Create lampshades with colorful fabrics: If you want to create custom lighting solutions for your tented venue, you can use fabrics is different colors and patterns that match the rest of your décor to create lampshades all over the venue. You can create small ones for the tables and large ones for the general seating and other areas. You can create special lamps for the stage area, especially for weddings and such events.

  • Light up drapes and seating areas with fairy lights: Fairy lights are extremely versatile, easy to use, and safe to use with fabric. You can drape your event tent, table drapes, and event seats with strings of fairy lights to create a magical and playful effect for your event. Ensure that you do not have very young kids at your event when using fairy lights or keep them out of the reach of children.

  • Use lace to create interesting light patterns: Lace looks beautiful and can be used in many different ways in décor. You can create lampshades with lace, have lace curtains and table drapes with lights behind them to create beautiful delicate light patterns all over your venue. You can use lace with fairy lights, colored lights, or as decorations with existing lamps and lights at the venue.

You can let your imagination run wild when working with tented event venues. They are versatile, easily customizable, and can be used in many different ways for every kind of event, be it formal, casual, or anything in between.

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