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Tent Event & Tent Rentals

Be it a wedding, a family picnic or a corporate social gathering, are you planning to have the perfect tent event? Then, renting elegant and comfortable furniture sets would be on top of your list. Here are the things to consider while making a wise renting choice.

  • Comfort of the guests – Sturdy and quality furniture should be selected keeping in mind the comfort of the guests attending the function.  Rickety tables or chairs that make the guests squirm would distract their attention from the function that you had so painstakingly planned, not to mention the embarrassing situations it can lead to. Foldable chairs that can be easily moved around would be ideal for casual events where the emphasis is on interactions. It is preferable to have cushioned seats for the chairs, especially if the events are going to be long. Be sure to check out all the options available in person before making a selection.

  • Location and climate – The furniture should be selected keeping in mind the location and climate of the venue. If it is a beach or sea-side event, the chairs and tables have to be water proof. If the place is windy, light furniture should be avoided and table cloths should be properly weighed down.

  • Type and mood of event – If you are planning a casual tent event, rectangular tables can be chosen. They function well as buffet tables and can also be joined together to make an even longer table. They are an ideal space management solution. However, if it is a formal occasion, round tables are preferable where people can interact in more intimate groups. Both arrangements can also me mixed and matched. But care should be taken not to present a cluttered feel. If the event is planned around a specific theme, the color scheme and the appearance of the furniture and decorations should be in sync with it.

  • Prices – The rental prices of the chair and table sets should be carefully evaluated before making a choice. While comparing the deals offered by different companies, the quality and the combined seating capacity of the furniture listed in the packages should be similar. If the tent event duration is not very long, small compromises can be made in seating comfort if it will provide considerable savings. Before signing the contract, be sure to understand all the terms and conditions, especially the clauses relating to tent rentals damage policy.

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