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Sailcloth Tent

Understanding These Stylish Tent Styles For Your Wedding

An outdoor setup can help add a definitive warmth to your wedding and allow you to experiment with a range of themes to suit your sense of style. Gone are the days when the idea of an outdoor wedding restricted you to selective choices of tents. These days, you have a wide variety of options for wedding tents available to suit the requirement of your theme as well as your budget. We have rounded up a list of the most popular wedding tent styles that will add an elegant touch to your décor.

The Pole Tent

As the name suggests, the pole tent is set up with the help of guy-wires and poles and features a large stylish top-side with a conspicuous peak. Given its simplicity and luxurious appeal, the pole tent makes for a great choice for brides looking for classic and sophisticated wedding décor. The only drawback with the pole tent is that it cannot be set up on hard surfaces such as concrete.

The Frame Tent

One of the most popular tent choices for outdoor gatherings, the frame tent makes use of a free-standing metal frame that supports the tent and can be set up on all kinds of surfaces including concrete. As such, the frame wedding tent makes for a more versatile option as compared to the pole tent.

The Marquee

Fondly reminiscent of the 19th-century garden parties, the marquee tent may be described as a sort of hybrid between the frame tent and the pole tent. Given its unique designing, the marquee tent offers the versatility of the frame tent along with the sophisticated peaked look of the pole tent.

The Sailcloth Tent

As the name suggests, the sailcloth tent employs the use of the sturdier sailcloth as opposed to vinyl that is traditionally used in party tents. The sailcloth tent is typically supported by wooden poles and elaborate guy wires that make it difficult to set up on hard surfaces. Given its translucent texture, the sailcloth tent adds a charming glow to the interiors and helps create a warm atmosphere around the wedding venue.

The Tropical Tent

Also known as the beach-style wedding tent, the tropical tent is typically available in a wide variety of styles and textures to suit different decors and themes. More often than not, the tropical tent comprises a lightweight, airy fabric that may be draped around bamboo or wooden frames for a classic vintage look. Since it makes use of an almost translucent fabric, the tropical tent solely serves the purpose of aesthetics and does not provide much protection from natural elements such as wind or rain.

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