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How To Choose a Wedding Reception Layout For an Outdoor Wedding?

Planning a wedding reception layout in an indoor venue is a hassle-free task. There’s space allocated for everything, making the decisions very easy. But when you’re using an outdoor venue like a tent for your wedding reception, there arises the challenge of smart space utilization.

3 things to consider when deciding on a layout for your tent wedding

Shape of the outdoor wedding tents

Flat-roofed tents may offer limited ceiling space for you to get creative in your wedding layout design. This may mean that you’ll need to set aside the tall floral arrangements and fancy chandeliers and stick to straightforward layouts. However, if you use dome-shaped or marquee tents, you may have more space to get creative with your layouts.

One way to give your reception venue a spacious feel and appearance is to use smaller beach-styled tents that can be used to house individual tables. This will certainly not hamper your wedding reception layout as you’ll still have the non-tented area to use for the fancy venue decorations.

Size, number, and arrangement of furniture

At Sperry Tents Hawaii, we specialize in tent rentals and party rentals. As part of our wedding rentals, we also provide furniture and other rentals for weddings.

When deciding on the type of wedding layout, understand what size & shape furniture you’d like to use. Determine how you’ll arrange the furniture to create a spacious and inviting reception venue.

An intimate wedding can be great to experiment with fancy party rentals like uniquely shaped furniture and creative table lighting which can be placed to make the layout more put-together or loosely scattered, depending on what you want. A large wedding, on the other hand, may necessitate your taking many smaller tables or organizing community-styled long tables around the dais or the dancefloor.

Inclusion of dancefloor and bar counter

The next thing you need to consider is whether you want to include a dancefloor in the venue or not. A reception venue without a dancefloor can give you a ton of space to get creative with the layout.

But, if you do choose to include a dancefloor, you’ll need to decide whether you want to arrange the tables around the dancefloor or you wish to designate half the tent to the dancefloor and use the remaining space for the furniture.

Another addition to your venue is the bar counter. If you’re choosing not to include a separate bar counter and are using table service instead, you’ll have plenty of space to do wonders with the layout. But remember to make the aisles wider to allow serves space to move freely.

However, if you do include the bar counter, you’ll need to decide whether it goes in the center or in the corner. Do make sure you leave enough standing room for people around it and allocate the remaining space to your layout smartly.

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