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How to keep bugs out Wedding Tents

How To Keep Bugs Out of Your Wedding Tents

Having a tent wedding outdoors is all fun and dandy until the bugs hit. While you are blessed with natural beauty all around – from the sight and scent of green trees and pretty flowers to the melodious chirping of the birds – you will have to deal with pesky bugs too.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make sure that these bugs won’t be coming for your guests or your food. Yes, it’s possible to have a great time in a party tent without having to worry about these frequent wedding crashers. Below, we outline a few of the most effective ways to keep bugs out of your wedding tents.

  • Hire an exterminator

It is highly likely that your outdoor venue has an exterminator that comes once a month to spray all the bugs away. Ask them if you can have the exterminator come a few days before your wedding. If the spray date is too far from the day of your wedding, chances are bugs will definitely be worse.

  • Equip your guests with repellent

A practical and simple method is to hand each of your guests a small, individual-sized bug repellent spray at the venue. Instead of repellent sprays, you can even opt for repellent wipes, whichever works better for you. If you have a welcome basket for guests, you can include the repellent with a cute note asking the guests to use it.

  • Make use of citronella

A natural oil that keeps insects away, citronella is a practical way to keep your guests safe from pesky mosquitoes. Apart from your chandelier, floor lamps, and other light fixtures, you can opt for candles and torches containing citronella to be placed all around the party tent. This also makes for great décor and creates a warm and inviting ambiance in the wedding tent.

  • Install fans in your tent

Another method is to install fans inside your tent. Not only will this keep the bugs away, it will help keep your guests cool. Fans are especially useful in areas where you keep your food and drinks, like the buffet table and where you keep your cake.

  • Tape dryer sheets on the bottom of your chairs

Dryer sheets like the Bounce Dryer Sheets have been found to ward off bugs and mosquitoes. You can ask your wedding planner to tape them on the bottom of the chairs so that they aren’t an eyesore.

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