Sailcloth Rental Tents

Looking for a rental tent or marquee for hire to complement – not detract from – your event décor? Each and every Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues. Our pole tents can accommodate any sized event, from a rehearsal dinner to a cocktail party to a 300+ guest outdoor wedding reception.

Area: 5,341 sq ft 
Perimeter: 304 ft 
Seated Guests: 250-290
Non-Seated Guests: 500

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Area: 3,501 sq ft 
Perimeter: 184 ft 
Seated Guests: 150-190
Non-Seated Guests: 300

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46' x 65'

Area (sq. ft.): 2535'

Perimeter (ft.): 182'

Max Capacity Seated: 170

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 320

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Area (sq. ft.): 1661'

Perimeter (ft.): 144'

Max Capacity Seated: 110

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 210

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Area (sq. ft.): 2020'

Perimeter (ft.): 176'

Max Capacity Seated: 130

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 250

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Area (sq. ft.): 1412'

Perimeter (ft.): 155'

Max Capacity Seated: 90

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 180

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24'x 44'

Area (sq. ft.): 932'

Perimeter (ft.): 115''

Max Capacity Seated: 60

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 120

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24' Round

Area (sq. ft.): 452'

Perimeter (ft.): 75'

Max Capacity Seated: 30

Max Capacity Non-Seated: 60

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