Tent Wedding - Sperry Tent Hawaii
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Tent Wedding

Tent Wedding

How to Decorate the Tent for the Big Day!

A tent wedding gives you a blank canvas to start painting your own unique designs. A lit up tent with decorative floor lamps, lights and chandeliers, bright and beautiful furniture and tasteful drapes, you are all set to make the big day even more special and memorable.

Indoor venues have some pros, but many cons! You cannot change certain aspects or custom make the floor, space or wall colors for instance! Tent wedding provide the picture perfect backdrop to create your own design masterpieces, allowing you to add your personal touch.

Ways to spice up the tent

Accent tables:  For this once-in-a-lifetime event, choose a mix of accent tables that really stand out while they complement the tent’s decor. Simple accent tables in white and black can look royal, elegant and can match almost any theme in a wedding. A high top table is perfect to set the bar high on fun while a gold side table can complement the rich look. Play around with shapes, sizes and colors to bring in a mix of style and functionality. Accent tables in metal, glass or wood are perfect for every décor. Interesting matching themes can be created with colors including oak, walnut, mahogany, gold, white and espresso. An eclectic mix of colored furniture can make an interesting style statement.

Canopies and arches:  Mark the most important event in your life with feisty splash of colors with ribbons, flowers and more. Bring on bright combinations of red, orange, gold, pink to create a unique arch or go for a classy cedar or ebony arch that has an understated elegance.

Light fixtures: Lighting is what makes the event come alive!  Use antique floor lamps or LED cubes for accent lighting in corners. Opt for crystal chandelier to bring on spark and glitter. Hang in some wood pendants or light up the dining area with bistro lights. The possibilities are endless as far as chandeliers and pendants are concerned.

Drapes: Draperies add to the aesthetic charm and bring on warmth of the interiors. Drapes can be used to match the colors of the floor or the furniture or complement the colors with a matching contrast. If the tent is all white, go for pastel shades of drapes to create a custom chic. Or be bold and play around with a riot of colors to match your mood! Choose all white drapes to match a crystal white theme.

Finally fill in strategic art center-pieces to add a pop of color and start interesting conversations!

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