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Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting

Interesting Ways to Use Lighting For Your Tented Outdoor Event

Tents and events are always a great combination. Tent lighting is one of the main aspects of any event, and it becomes even more important for tented outdoor events. You can go with the usual lighting using chandeliers and focus lights, or you can try offbeat ideas that will make your event not only stand out for your guests but also make the venue beautiful and interesting.

Interesting ways to use  tent lighting for event 

Here are a few fun and interesting lighting ideas for your outdoor tented event:

  • Walls and backdrops with LED string lights: LED lights do not give out a lot of heat and do not malfunction as easily as normal string lights. They are also environmentally friendly and will bring your lighting bills down. You can use LED lights in yellows or multiple colors to create walls for your event tent, create a backdrop for a wedding ceremony, or use it in a corner that you have reserved for photo-ops.
  • Colored and plain glass bottles for lighting: Glass bottles in different colors and stuffed with fairy lights make for wonderful soft lighting inside tents. You can use small bottles and hang them around the venue or use large bottles and place them on the tent floor and on tables all over the venue. Avoid bottles on the floor, however, if you expect a lot of children at your event.
  • Chandeliers with candles: Instead of an electric chandelier as a centerpiece of you tent lighting, you can use smaller chandeliers with candles all over the venue. You can use candelabras on tables to go with the chandeliers. This is a good option only if you expect good weather and no heavy winds.
  • Tiki torches and lanterns at the periphery: These lighting options give a raw, outdoorsy feel to your event and are great for intimate and casual events. You can use tiki torches near the periphery of your tented venue and use lanterns with light bulbs or candles at the tables. Ensure that you plan well so the tiki torches stay away from the event tent and people at the venue to avoid fire mishaps.

Ensure that you plan your lighting well, especially if you are planning on a tented event venue. The right lighting can ensure that the party tent looks beautiful and provides an amazing backdrop for your event and celebrations.

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