New Years Tent Party in Hawaii
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New Years Tent Party in Hawaii

New Years Tent Party in Hawaii

New Years Tent Party In Hawaii

2018 is not far away so why not start the new years on an adventurous note!

New Year’s eve is round the corner and if you are planning a family vacation to Hawaii, then you might want to consider this amazing idea of a New Year’s eve Party!

We have heard of tent weddings or tent family gatherings. But have we heard of tent New Year’s party? I don’t think so.

Here are a few points to keep in mind to make your new year’s party a success:

Pristine Location

What do you picture when you think of Hawaii? Go on. Close your eyes and picture the blue ocean and the palm trees and the balmy breeze. Imagine a tent with that view and your family with you. Perfect, isn’t it? Make this New Year’s an adventurous and memorable one with great tent service!

Tent Style And Color

If the head count is a lot and you plan on making the gathering a big one, then booking in advance is advisable. Choose from an array of sizes of tents that suit your purpose the best. If the tent is big, it makes room for nice flooring as well. It would be great if the booking were made in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Electricity And Light Decoration

New year’s is a day of lights and electricity plays a crucial role in the whole look and feel of the party. Fairy lights seem like the appropriate kind of lighting in the backdrop of the beach. The appeal of the whole ambiance should give an artistic vibe.

Food And Beverages

Selection of food and beverages also play a crucial role in planning the whole party. Guests feel happy when they are well entertained. The decision of the quantity of food should be made depending on the head count. A rough estimate should be made as to what kind of dishes will be available and what all beverages/drinks will be served alongside.


A good New Year’s party is incomplete without music. Hire a local Hawaiian band would give the whole party ‘beachy’ vibes.

Party Planners

Planning a whole party by oneself, that to in an exotic location can be daunting sometimes. Hiring a party planner for the party would make things very easy for you and the party will also become a huge success.

Photo: Dmitri And Sandra Photography

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