Wedding Tent Cost - Sperry Tent Hawaii
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Wedding Tent Cost

Wedding Tent Cost

 Wedding Tent Cost

Your wedding day is around the corner, and you want one great celebration that everyone will remember. We all have dreams to have a perfect wedding, either on an exotic Hawaiian beach or on a green, sprawling lawn. No matter where you want your wedding to take place, you cannot do away with wedding rentals.

Although the number of wedding supplies required seems never-ending till the eleventh hour, there’s one thing that should be at the top of the list – wedding tents.

Budgeting your wedding tents

Wedding tents come in different varieties, but you should choose one that meets your party requirements and budget. But in order to figure out your wedding tent cost, you need to consider the following aspects:

The time of your wedding: You may need a wedding tent if you don’t have good indoor options or if the weather is too unreliable for an open-air wedding. Depending on these conditions, you need to plan your wedding date. Moreover, you should book your wedding tents at least three months before the wedding so that you don’t have to run around looking for alternatives. Pre-booking also helps in saving a lot of money.

The type of wedding tent: Typically, you can choose from two types of wedding tents: frame and pole tents. Frame tents are more versatile since they are installable on different surfaces such as asphalt, grass, deck or concrete. On the other hand, pole tents are usable on grass only. If you are not sure of the wedding location when you book the tent, you can even go for Sperry tents, the pole-style fabric tents that work in all spaces.

The size of wedding tent: The size of the wedding tent will also vary depending on whether you want a dance floor at the venue or not. If you are inviting less than 100 guests, then a 30×60 pole tent would be great. But a guest list of between 100 and 150 would require a 40×60 pole tent. A 40×80 pole tent would be ideal if you have up to 200 guests.

Extra supplies: The cost of your wedding tent will vary according to the size, walls, flooring, draping and liners, heaters and coolers, lighting and catering charges. Although some wedding rental companies include these charges in the total cost, most companies require you to pay extra. So make sure that you check your company’s quotes properly before finalizing a deal.

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