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Planning Wedding

Planning Wedding

Planning Wedding? Here’s What You Should Do For Success

Here’s What You Should Do For Success


Who wouldn’t like to have an outdoor wedding? There are numerous reasons why grooms, brides and wedding planners like tented, outdoor weddings. The cozy air, starry night sky, ambiance and your close family and friends together make your big day a memorable one.

From the style and color of the tent to the location to the food, outdoor weddings involve a lot of work. But it’s worth doing so much for a day that both you, your partner and your guests would remember forever.  Planning wedding is your dream, Hawaii is perhaps the best place to have one. The exotic beaches and friendly wedding planning services make it an ideal wedding destination.

Tips to make your planning wedding successful

If you want to plan a successful tented wedding, follow the following simple tips:

Tent size and guest count: You certainly don’t want to cram 100 people under a small tent where there is barely any space to stand. While choosing your wedding tent, you need to have a proper count of your guests. Choose a tent that allows you to have a nice dancing floor under it and good room for the buffet. Try to reserve it at least six months before your wedding to avoid last moment debacles.

Weather: A pleasant, sunny weather is desired, but Mother Nature can be a little unfriendly at times. You need to have a backup plan to prevent rains and other weather conditions from ruining your big day. You can also hire a heater or air conditioner depending on the time of the year.

Lights and power: If you are having a tented wedding on a beach, lighting up the whole setting with proper lights will make it look wonderful. Choose lights that complement the color and décor of your tent. Go for something sober and soothing for better aesthetic appeal.  Remember to have proper lighting near the entry and exit points for your guests’ convenience.

Furniture: You will obviously want your guests to feel comfortable during the wedding. Choose chairs and tables that do not sink into the ground. An ideal choice would be wooden garden chairs. You might also have to consider the tent’s flooring so that your guests get a solid surface to stand on.

Hire professionals: Last but not the least, you should consider hiring professional wedding planners who take care of everything- from decorations and food to music and dance.  Paying a few extra thousand dollars for all that help isn’t a bad idea after all.

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