Wedding Tradition - Sperry Tent Hawaii
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Wedding Tradition

Wedding Tradition

Wedding Tradition

Getting married in Hawaii is quite the experience. The picturesque beach wedding, the signature bridal hula dances, the beautiful Sperry tents, the traditional Hawaiian music, all can make the wedding a memorable one. If you have visited Hawaii, you would have been enamored by the beauty of the islands as well as its culture. It isn’t surprising to have Hawaii-themed weddings which aren’t in Hawaii, as people try to recreate the experience. However, it never ever feels like the real thing. To have a complete Hawaii-themed wedding, it must be held in Hawaii. What are the traditions that set it apart from other styles of weddings? Let’s find out.

Hawaii wedding tradition

  • Lei – The flower garlands are known as Lei. It is a common wedding tradition in Hawaii for the bride and the groom to exchange Lei. It is given at every cheerful occasion and it should be present in a Maui wedding as it signifies the Joy of Life. The flowers are considered as a treasure on the island and it often means ‘child’ to the locals. The Maile Lei is the oldest, and it is worn by the people getting married.
  • Koa wood and Ti leaf ring blessing – The tradition of blessing of the rings using Koa wood and Ti leaf is beautiful as it has a wonderful meaning behind it. The Koa represents strength and integrity, which is the foundation of marriage. The Ti leaf represents health, prosperity, and blessing of the mind, spirit, and body.
    The koa wood bowl is dipped into water and the leaf is dipped into the bowl. Water is sprinkled over the rings 3 times and a traditional Hawaiian chant is recited. The  Hawaiian chant means, “May peace from above rest upon you and remain with you for now and forever”. The water signifies removing any hindrance in your relationship and it represents a new beginning as husband and wife. The rings are a symbol of commitment that travels with the happy couple.
  • Blowing the Pu – Pu or the conch shell is used by the people of Hawaii to announce an event. The sound emanating from the shell can be heard for miles. It is blown in a Maui wedding to symbolically show the world that a Maui wedding is about to start.
  • Lava rock and Ti leaf ceremony – Another exquisite Hawaiian wedding tradition. The lava rock signifies the lifetime commitment the couple made to one another. The lava rock is then wrapped in Ti leaf and left at the ceremony. It is an offering, blessing, and prayer that is unwavering at the location of the marriage, marking the beginning of the union of the married couple.

You can imagine how beautiful a traditional Hawaiian wedding would be! The history and culture of the Hawaiian people are astounding. There is nothing as close to a Hawaiian wedding that takes place in Hawaii itself.

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