Wedding Tents - Sperry Tent Hawaii
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Wedding Tents

Wedding Tents

Wedding Tents

Weddings Tents are all the rage right now as more and more options are becoming available for brides and grooms. There are many different types of tents and choosing the right one to match the tone and vibe of your wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of tents:

  • Sperry tents

These tend are perfect for almost any outdoor wedding tents. The tent is made of authentic sailcloth rather than cheap vinyl and is supported by wooden posts. Both the tent, the posts and the flooring can be customized with chandeliers, lights and more to suit the overall wedding décor. Since the material is translucent, it provides an enticing aura around the wedding, especially in the night.

  • Frame tents

As the name suggests,  these types of tents are supported by metal frames. The frames can be left exposed or covered in drapery for a more chic look. The metal frames can be easily set up on concrete and other hard surfaces where wooden posts cannot be staked.

  • Clear tents

These tents are made to be transparent on top so that guests and the wedding party can enjoy the view around them. It is set up on a solid metal frame however, and this might slightly hinder the view. Clear tents are mostly used as protection from the weather.

  • Beach tents

These tents are just simple drapery, arranged over wooden stakes. As the name suggests, they are great for beach weddings, where the weather is warm and cozy. They are perfect for tropical themed weddings. These tents are merely present for aesthetic purposes and do not offer much protection from rain and winds.

  • Indian/Moroccan tents

For a little exotic flair, Indian or Moroccan style tents are best. These tents are similar to pole tents for often have different decorations printed onto the fabric. The colors yellow, orange and red are popular for these style of tents. They are often paired with decorative lamps and matching lighting fixtures.

  • Yurt

A yurt is a tent that is wood-ribbed on the crown and roof with lattice walls. All of this is covered in fabric to give a cozy, personal feeling. The walls can be lined with low lights and minimal decorations for an authentic feel.

There are many other types of Wedding Tents that can be rented for your special day. It is important to do your research and choose the best one.

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