4 Tips to choose a wedding tent - Sperry Tent Hawaii
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4 Tips to choose a wedding tent

4 Tips to choose a wedding tent

4 Tips to Choose The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Tent

Outdoor wedding tents allow for endless possibilities when it comes to location and vibe. A relaxed beach wedding, a natural wedding on a farm or a cute, homely wedding at an inn – outdoor wedding tents are the way to go for location weddings. While there are lots of options for the wedding party to choose from, with many options come many decisions. From choosing the perfect tent size, material and layout to making sure everything is in place for a perfect wedding – there’s a lot to consider. Here are 4 simple tips that can help you make your dream day even better:

  • Material

Sperry Tents are made of the best material for a wedding tent. They are made out of authentic sailcloth supplied exclusively to various tent rentals and party rentals. These type of tents are long-lasting and protect against rain and other external forces. Unlike sperry tents, commonly used wedding tents are made of vinyl with aluminum beams for support. These don’t look as good and give an artificial look.

  • Size

Whatever size of tent you think you need, always go for a little bit more. You can never be sure of surprise guests and old acquaintances popping up, so it’s better to be prepared. The more spacious your tent is, the more comfortable your guests will be.

  • Layout

There are different shapes of tents are available. The tent you choose must be able to accommodate all the guests, a dance floor, caterers and the band. More complicated weddings will have more staff and require more space. Don’t forget to make adequate space for the gift table. To minimize the layout, circular tables are preferred over rectangular ones.

  • More than one tent?

A creative way to organize your wedding rather than having one giant tent, is to have smaller tents for each stage of the ceremony. You could use a small oval tent for the actual ceremony, mini tents for photos and the gift table and finally move to a larger tent for dinner/ reception. This increases the fun for everyone and reduces crowding in a single area.

Apart from this, outdoor wedding planners also have to think about the positioning, weather, photography and more. As the big day comes closer, more and more worries are bound to pop up. Brides and grooms-to-be have to remain calm, hire the right wedding planner and focus on living it up on their big day.

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